How does this work?

The trade-in program allows you to buy a new Apple device online and trade-in thereafter conveniently. For trade-in, you just need to do a quick online evaluation, schedule a pickup and wait for payout (if approved) within a few days.

Why trade-in your device to us?

This program offers flexibility on device to device trade-in eg. you can buy an iPhone and trade-in a Mac. Trade-in evaluation can be easily done in a few minutes and you can schedule a pickup to your convenience. If the trade-in is approved, the trade-in price will be paid out within 3 business days if you choose PayNow.

What items/gadgets that we accept?

Devices that we accept for trade-in:

Disclaimer: The above-listed models are for reference, serve as an example of product visual only.

How do I find the serial number on my device?

Please refer to the hyperlink below for instruction.

How do I get started?/ What is the process if I want to trade in my item online?

  • Go to Evaluation.
  • Just follow some simple steps to submit the product information and obtain an estimate price quote for what your device may be worth.
  • Once you accepted the offer, you may immediately schedule an appointment to pick up the device and it’s absolutely free of charge. (Terms & Conditions Apply)
  • Once the device is received and verified, you will be paid within 2 business days (Exclude Sat, Sun & PH)

I do not see the brand or model listed on your webpage/ Unable to find the product model?

  • Kindly reach our customer care for further assistance through CHAT
  • You may also want to take a look at our terms and conditions to identify if your devices are qualified for the trade-in through HERE.
  • Devices that are locked, specifically lock by iCloud Access (Apple) or Google Account(find my device) were not be accepted for trade-in.

I do have a few devices that I would like to trade-in, how could I go around that?

  • Multiple product trade-in is currently on the pipeline for future implementation. At the moment, you may submit the products through