How can I track my Trade-in status?

Please click HERE to trace your status.

How soon will I receive the trade-in funds after I’ve sent my device?

Typically, you should receive the payment between 5 Bank Business Days, excluding weekend and public holiday. If you didn’t receive the payment by 6th business days, please contact our support hotline +65-6303-0535 for assistance.”

How will I be paid for the trade-in?

We payout the funds via PayNow and Bank Transfer

The product description doesn’t match with the actual device.

Please be advised that payment transaction will be temporarily on hold and our team will reach you to discuss and renegotiate the product value that we received. Should you decide to cancel the trade-in thereafter, there will be a surcharge of S$19 administration and return delivery fees.

If I trade in my item online, what happens if after the item is received at the Trade-in Center, PC Dreams' evaluation of the item is different than the quote based on my description?

You will receive an e-mail explaining why a different value was assigned. You have the choice of accepting the updated quote, or having the item returned to you at your cost.

The product description doesn’t match with the actual device.

No worries, simply drop us a call at +65-6303-0535.